Our firm emphasizes You and your Money. Our focus is the American Baby Boomer,  the 70 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 who will redefine the retirement, the “elder Living” years. Your financial concerns often include having the resources to pay for retirement living, knowing how to spend down your wealth, how to leave a financial legacy, paying for necessary health care, and most important how to enjoy your well-deserved living years.


Social Security by the Numbers
10 Tips for Navigating the Medicare Waters
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The issues we see and the services we provide include:
Health & Health Care Finance
Understanding Medicare and its costs and benefits to you.
Understanding long term care issues and their costs and benefits to you.
Building a strong caregiving plan for you (and often parents) in collaboration with you, family members, and your medical and legal advisors.
Monitoring future trends in paying for health care.
Selling your business, maximizing company value, and understanding your risks associated with a business sale.
Cash budgeting for your business success, and payroll requirements.
Tax planning and preparation services to your business.
Individual & Parental Money Protection
Retirement planning-creating goals. Avoiding outliving your retirement assets.
Tax planning and preparation services.
Social security planning: when to file, “file and suspend”, claiming spousal and/or widow benefits, the taxation of social security benefits and retirement plan benefits.
Family spending analysis vs monthly income. Stretching family income dollars farther.
Education costs and resources including loans.
Long term care cost planning and its potential impact on your retirement planning, including parents.

Our principals have held senior financial management and executive positions with firms and community organizations. We are sensitive to the significant changes afoot resulting from the aging of 70 million American Baby Boomers. The volume of Boomers now in pre-retirement age is unprecedented.

Our firm, Moran and Long, is your go to resource when frustration and anxiety, and other emotional levels rise including the reality of limited financial resources. We are here to help. Contact us today. The initial consultation is complimentary.

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