5 Ways to Maintain an Active Mind in Retirement

5 Ways to Maintain an Active Mind in Retirement

Staying active as you age is beneficial in lots of ways. Here are five fun ideas on how to use your time during your golden years:

1. Mentor. Pass on your skills and knowledge to a younger generation. Explore formal mentorship programs at local colleges and universities and call local elementary, middle, and high schools too.

2. Volunteer. Look within your community for places in need. Check out volunteermatch.org, reach out to your local United Way chapter, or visit the library, which might have a list of local nonprofit organizations that need volunteers.

3. Help at the library. The library is a wonderful community center that likely has a range of opportunities to get involved. Some libraries seek volunteers for their early childhood literacy programs, to shelve materials, to assist with teaching computer and other classes, and more.

4. Look for 55+ volunteer programs. Organizations like Global Vision International have volunteer abroad programs for people aged 50 and over. The organization has projects around the globe, all of which immerse you into a culture while allowing you to help a community in need.

5. Work part time. If you’re not ready to leave the workforce entirely, could you become a consultant in your field? Or maybe you’d like to do something completely different like teach as an adjunct or work part-time at a coffee shop.

Retirement will offer you lots of freedom. Enjoy your time by doing something new that keeps you social and using your mind. Looking for ideas? Call John (720.635.3180) at Moran & Long and we’ll help you brainstorm! Jim is available, on request, as well. Let John know if you want to speak with Jim.