About Moran and Long

Moran and Long is a CPA firm with significant experience (over 60 years business experience between John Moran and Jim Long) in a extensive array of business size (revenues ranging from $thousands to $multi million) and business industry (banking, financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, software, real estate development) as well as personal tax and financial planning. 
The CPA profession is just beginning to position itself as the trusted advisor for the care giving and aging population. The CPA profession now offers specific courses in Eldercare/Prime PrimePlus services. CPAs and our firm offer better objectivity than financial planners including those on a fee basis as we fall under the control of the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies where financial planners do not. We have a heightened responsibility to the public as a result of our regulatory oversight. Often, financial planners are disguised product salespeople (without implementation of specific product purchases, a fee only plan is of bookshelf, academic value). The CPA profession has established professional standards of practice superior to those in the financial planning industry and relatively few licensure and membership violations when compared to financial planners. Our firm personnel are members of the American Institute of CPAs and the Colorado Society of CPAs.

Comparing our CPA firm to other CPA firms – we have extensive business experience outside of typical CPA firm service offerings (tax, financial statement, and consulting). Our principals have held senior financial management and executive positions with firms and community organizations. Our focus is not limited to the potential myopic viewpoint of tax compliance or accounting regulation. Our principals have solved business problems by first assessing the reality of the present, and charting a course to solution.

Comparing our CPA firm to other financial service providers to the Boomer generation – we are sensitive to the significant changes afoot resulting from the aging of 70 million American Baby Boomers. The volume of Boomers  now in pre-retirement age is unprecedented in the Nation’s history. The emotional challenges resulting from care to aging parents, care to special needs children, and funding children’s education and our retirement can be dealt with successfully.  We understand the emotions and issues as our principals are Boomer generation members, and have the grey hair to evidence our membership in the Silver Tsunami.

Adaption changes-technology and resource constraints – the Great Recession as the last  years were and continue to be labeled will stimulate significant technology changes.  Our graying society must deal with shortages of medical providers for the aging population.  Medical resource allocation is now dramatically integrated with tax laws (an unprecedented development).
Medical service, caregiving, and durable medical equipment will likely become “smart” providing usage information ultimately translated into dollars and cents.  Our accounting experience will likely contribute the knowledge to challenge the validity of service billings and assist clients in maximizing value from the array of service providers.