Aging Well – the critical factors

I extracted the following list of critical factors necessary to age “well” from articles by Dr Jeffrey Toth (professor at University of North Carolina-Wilmington), GS Virk (Author), and Chuck Gallozzi (author — In some combination, and with weighting according to an individual’s inclinations, the following represent critical aging well factors:

Service to Others (read Bob Dylan’s lyrics from To Serve, we serve someone – it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but we all serve somebody, yes indeed we all serve somebody.

Physical exercise – we all need it, continuous movement for 30 minutes every day.

Mental stimulation – we must have something to put our teeth into, and it can’t just be a glass at night.

Socialization – both within our families, work colleagues, and neighbors, but try meeting someone new in an “out of our comfort” area living by our wits.

Diet – keep things simple, eat more products not requiring labels/canning-eat fresh

Spiritual-having a belief system seems crucially important to age well. Reconciling ourselves to a higher caller is fundamental, and forgiving those who trespassed against us clears the mind and heart.

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