Tell me my experience is not unique. My mother simply wants to live independently for as long as she can. While respecting her wishes the fact is she has experienced multiple heart attacks in the last year. Is respecting her wishes the best empathy I can provide? No, my concerns for her well being have to include periodic conversations to persuade her towards some form of in house assistance. My rational CPA self is not the best approach to this matter. So ahead of my persuasive attempts at in home assistance, there are others who have considerable experience with my situation. Care managers and geriatric care managers often possess the combination of social worker and medical knowledge to advise those we care for to action. I found a wonderful care manager, Michele, at JFS Senior Solutions, . Michele created a care plan. More importantly she conversed with my mom to the point my mom responded and engaged in dialog with Michele. The steps most care managers take include: #1 Conducting an in-person assessment, #2 Make a care plan, #3 Arrange services, and #4 Monitoring needs. The National Association of Professional Geriartric Care Managers can provide additional information on Standards of Practice, and ethical standards.

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