Step 2 – Form Your Team

The C [CARE] Team-How to Successfully Orchestrate Care for Aging Parents Today

Effective caregiving requires building a care support team, and tapping into community resources. 

The emotional cost and financial cost of caregiving may seem daunting.  Having a group of advisors/friends/family to assist is both a challenge and a life saving (literally) blessing.  As with any human group endeavor, the initial efforts at organization seem overwhelming.   Building a caregiving plan and team is much like conducting an orchestra.



Care giving

Orchestra Conductor


Develops a list of tasks (plan your work)

Works from a musical score, (a composition)

Significant players

Safety evaluators,

Food and activity,

Medical & non-medical,

Legal and Financial advisory


Concert master,

String section,




Other functional support

Transportation services, social and mental activities

Ushers, lighting personnel, fundraising, ticket and concession staff


Dependent on the stamina and fortitude of the principal caregiver orchestrating the service providers

Dependent on the conductor’s ability to draw out a coordinated artistic effort using the players.

Encore call back

Impossible unless caregiver becomes a care coordinator. Absent a care coordinator viewpoint the caregiver can seriously impair their own health while caring for their loved one.

The audience applause and acclaim makes an encore possible. The exhilaration which accompanies coordinated effort makes an encore possible.

More can be achieved through team effort.  Caregivers who realize the significance of this difference will see successful  results from care team coordination.  

  • Care team coordination requires significant effort in scouting/research and quality review.
  • There should be a written agreement with every care team member clearly showing responsibilities and further providing accountability standards.  
  • Activate your social network to start the recruiting effort.  
  • Surf the web for Area Agencies on Aging. 
  • Find web resources available to caregivers. 

The National Family Caregivers Association ( is a great resource and provides direction.

Other caregiver resources include: (Share the Care is based in New York City) (Alzheimer’s Association 24/7 Helpline) (Eldercare (Family Caregiver Alliance) (Federal Government Eldercare resource area on this federal government website) (Aging in Place)