Needing a CPA to assist in Caregiving

Brenda Avadian, noted author (you can retrieve some of her work through made the following comment in her Blog post on the stages of Caregiving. The stage of hands on the wheel there is no one else should include …Along the caregiving journey, you may need an elder law attorney to help you set up an estate plan and a durable power of attorney for healthcare, and an accountant or a tax advisor to help you manage your loved one’s finances.  You know the accountant to call or email by reading this blog. Also remember CPAs are governed by a code of professional conduct. 

Brenda Avadian, MA, an award-winning speaker, serves as a national spokesperson for family and professional caregivers and is an internationally acclaimed author.
Brenda advocates making use of the caregiving continuum, including support groups, geriatric assessment, educational sessions, in-home care, adult day care, elder law services, clinical studies, and residential, assisted living, or nursing care.

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