Caregiver Financial Services

CPA Eldercare/Prime Plus Services

CPA ElderCare Services are designed to:

  • Provide support (financial, psychosocial, and environmental) through a multidisciplinary team approach to assist older adults in remaining independent in their preferred living environment
  • Collaborate with other professionals in an effort to satisfy the needs of the older adult, family, other responsible parties, and caregivers

A Multidisciplinary Approach

  • Consultation with attorneys, physicians, service providers, and community organizations to maximize client functioning in their preferred environment
  • Degreed, licensed for professional practice by state boards of licensure and regulation
  • Memberships in professional organizations
  • Commitment to our own continuing education and professional growth

Types of Services Available

  • Consulting Services
    • Establish standards of care with individual/family
    • Develop an inventory of community resources and services
    • Assist individual/family to develop/establish:
      • Goals of assistance
      • Customized delivery plan
      • Expected standards of performance
      • Communication of expectations to care providers
  • Direct Services
    • Routine accounting and supervision of tasks
    • Accounting for client’s income and deposits
    • Payment of bills
    • Conducting routine financial transactions
    • Supervision of investments
    • Accounting for estates
    • Arranging, paying for care providers
    • Arranging transportation
    • Supervising household expenditures
  • Assurance Services
    • Review routine financial transactions
    • Investigate and provide information to responsible parties
    • Inspect logs and diaries to ensure agreed-upon performance criteria are met
    • Report findings to clients, family, or other responsible parties