Healthy Aging Today – Medicare Basics, Baby Boomers

Dennis Stretar (, 303.619.7562) in collaboraton with Karin Hall at the produced videos explaining the basics of the Medicare program. The nine part series was specifically designed for the Baby Boomer Generation who began aging into Medicare this past January, 2011. There is a clear need for accurate information about Medicare options.  Click on to see the nine part videos. In length, the nine parts total approximately 40 minutes. Given people’s time constraints the videos are easily viewed in 3 to 5 minute segments.  The Medicare Basics video series was reviewed for accuracy and critiqued by Gloria Baca, Dennis Del Pizzo, and Brenda Hudson of Region VIII External affairs as well as Michael Fierberg, former Denver broadcast journalist and current Public Affairs Specialist for Region VIII, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). 

Contact the Colorado SHIP office for specific questions on Medicare – 303.629.4920 where I am a current SHIP counselor. The service is free, and volunteers are standing by to assist you by phone.

Job Opportunity – The American Geriatrics Society say there is roughly one geriatrician physician for every 2,600 people 75 and older. By the year 2030 the rate is projected as one physician for every 3,800 people 75 years of age and older. The greatest societal population growth in the US is in this same age group. Medical advances including technology support the increased population growth in citizens age 75 and oldger.   The median U.S. salary for geriatric phyicians is $183,523. Only 56 percent of medical students had clinical rotations in geriatrics in 2008, the last significant survey year.

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