MEDICARE/MEDICAID – becoming a paid family member caregiver

Special thanks to Liz Tredennick (, 303-359-1136) for the following information–

When a person applies and is accepted for Long Term Care – Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) they will receive a list of Medicaid approved agencies that can come to the home and provide care. If they want to choose their own self, not on the approved agency list, than can do one of two things:

  1. Apply to one of the approved agencies to become employed with the agreement that they will be assigned to only their family member’s case. PASCO is a good agency to contact. PASCO will train the employee (family member), provide employee benefits (health insurance and sick time), and provide supervision. PASCO pays the employee (family member). Medicaid pays PASCO.  The PASCO website is
  2. CDASS program – The CDASS program has limited funding. The employer (family member requiring care) establishes an employer/contract employee relationship (consider creating a formal payroll arrangement with an employer federal identification number). A written contract establishes the scope of services.   A formal bank account to process payments is required and periodic review of bank statements by HCPF (Colorado Health Care Policy and Finance) should be expected. Training classes by the contract employee are required.